In battles, players fight other players given in a list. The list is divided into four categories: Regular Targets, Easy Targets, Victory Targets, and Friends Only. Easy targets contain characters below the users level and can easily be killed; hence, no battle points are usually obtained. Victory targets contain players above the players level allowing the user to easily gain Victory Points.


For a duel, the equipped general's stats, the player's stats, and equipment worn are used.


For every guild member a player possess, one general can be taken as well as one type of every unit. Generals can wear equipments, but it is not known if extra stats from the equipment makes a difference during invasions.

Battle LogEdit

The Battle Log shows who has attacked a user; it also shows if the attack was a duel or invasion as well as any losses or gains. Anyone who gives a potion is also stated in the Battle Log.

Victory PointsEdit

If you defeat higher level opponents, you will be awarded with Victory Points, you will also lose these points if a lower level warrior defeats you. Once you have enough victory points, your victory rank will increase and you will unlock a reward.

Victory Table

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