All questing or combat requires the use of a General. You will begin the game with your first General, "SKYBRAND". Other Generals will become available for purchase as you progress through the quest areas. Equipped Generals can gain experience as you quest and do combat. With sufficient experience, your equipped General can gain a level. The amount of experience required to level the General increases as the General's level increases.

Leveling your General(s) is essential, as the "stats" of the equipped General increase with each level gained. The amount of increase in a given stat is largely dependent on the "class" of the General. Just as each Player can be a Warrior, Rogue, or Mage, each General is also assigned one of those classes. At this time, it is not known if there is a preset amount of gain in a certain stat (as in 1 point or 1.5 points per level) for certain stat.

While using your equipped General for quests and combat the General will take a small amount of damage. Generals can be healed by following the "GENERALS" tab and clicking on the "Heal General". Healing your General will require a small amount of Gold.

Generals can be further improved through "Training". You can provide training to one General per four (4) hour period. Training raises the General's Courage and Willpower. Courage increases the speed the General gains experience. Willpower increases the maximum health of the General.

From the HAVEN "EQUIPMENT" page under the STATS menu: General attack power is the combined stats of your General and equipment, with their Class Statistic counting double.

For a list of available Generals, please click on the following link: Generals

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