• Some information could be wrong, the game is still in progress.
  • We might just not have updated the page.


Required Artifacts To Summon: 12 Solius Sun Fragments

Collect Artifacts From: Achieve Platinum Mastery of every quest in Solius.

Health: 450,000,000

Loot DropsEdit

  • Summoner Only

Maldred's Crimson Stone

  • Epic Rare Drops (67,500,000+ Damage)

Aura of Confusion

  • Other Drops

Mage's Claymore, Crossed Dueling Blades, Knave's Dagger, Master's Crown, Witch-Queen's Crown, Tome of the Elders, Burning Wizard Brand, Shimmering Mail, Skybrand Footman, Skybrand Knight, Skybrand Magus, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Gold Dragon

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