Orc Captain
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Required Artifacts To Summon: The Captains Summoning Stone

Collect Artifacts From: Complete the boss quest in City of Crucible.

Health: 600,000

Loot DropsEdit

  • Summoner Only

Twin Battle Axes

  • Epic Rare Drops

Knave's Dagger, Mage's Claymore, Crossed Dueling Blades, Gold Dragon, Tome of the Elders, Master's Crown, Witch-Queen's Crown

  • Other Drops

Composite Bow, Mail of Ages, Norse Helm, Troubled Helm, Double Razor, Dark Shiv of Disaster, Deadly Cutlass, Bastard Sword, Carnage Blade, Fire Mage, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Orcish Corsair, Elven Archer, Highwayman, Skybrand Magus, Skybrang Footman, Heaven's Keep Monk, Box of Redemption